Steampunk pendant with a cat and a tank

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Cat & Mouse (Pzkpfw VIII MAUS) - Pendant/Picture

A pendant which can be also a picture hangt on the wall. Steampunk cat hunting to a tank. Historical fiction.


Adoring alternative stories... sophisticated fictions... science-fictions... I am mixing genres and styles ... histo-steam-cyber-punk...
Under such circumstances, this work had been created:
"Cat and Mouse" - MAUS - I mean - Pzkpfw VIII Maus... vs our mechanical "kitten" (technical data of this biomechanoid I keep in "top secret" file ;)
Scene on the background of ruins of the city at night - the natural environment of hunters.

Work done in only one copy. Signed. I am not going to make another one like this.

This work is absolutely unique not only because of the wide spectrum of inspiration, pawky rendering, but completely unusual form as well. It is both: a pendant and a sculpture - image, which can be hang on the wall.

The cat and the tank, ruins and the road / bridge are made of watch parts. Pendant setting is made of copper. Medallion is finished with crystalline resin.

Dimensions of the medallion:

- diameter 6.3 cm,

- depth of 1.7 cm

- weight: 99g

Yes, it is quite big! That's why we made a frame for it, so you can choose if you prefer to take it out of the frame and wear as pendant or put it into the frame and hang on the wall.

The frame is also handmade by me personally. Wood covered with riveted metal sheet. Black felt on the back of the frame and inside the hole for the medallion.

Frame dimensions:

- about 14 cm x 14 cm x 2.1 cm.

That was about technical data, details, information and etymology. Interpretation of the scene, however, I leave to the audience... Enjoy.

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