This is us - the TRYBs, that is Anna and Witold - two eccentric souls of creative natures. For as long as we remember, each of us had individual taste regarding: music, clothing style, jewellery, various gadgets and even the appearance of the interiors that we lived in. We like to surround ourselves on every field with objects  that resonate with our tastes, interests and personalities. Ready jewelry and accessories have never appealed to us, because we required above-average aesthetics from the accessories: some harmony of shapes and proportions and moreover we expected them to be stylish and include motives, which we like or we are intersted in. That's why mass-produced items simply did not meet our expectations, both in terms of themes and motives (we always lacked something in them), and the esthetics and quality of these objects, which was often poor.

The strong need to express ourselves through personal items pushed us from our youngest years to make various unconventional things: jewelry, sculptures, installations, details for clothing and even furniture. We had been crafting in those early works exactly this what was currently in our heads and hearts. We had been focusing on this what was important to us or especially interesting. It cannot be denied that also nowadays we are creating jewellery that cannot be found anywhere else - unusual and simply different. Everyone has some kind of passion or hobby. And these are the things that should be captured in original artistic jewelry, both for a gift and the one ordered for yourself, because jewels are one of the most personal items that are worn close to the body and have just one owner. So it is the best form to fully express what is really important to a human being.

When we encountered the perfection in microscale - wristwatch movements for the first time it was 2012. It was so inspirating that thoughts and ideas immediatelly began to gyrate in our minds. We are still fascinated by the beauty and precision of timepieces. Their finesse of construction, sensible, fully thought-out technical solutions and at the same time the visual harmony and beauty of these small but very complex forms inspire us to create miniature works of art. That is why our entire artistic activity revolves around cogs and other parts of watches, from which microscopic sculptures and bas-reliefs are made.

Going deeper into the rabbit hole of precision mechanics, developing and creating more and more complex projects, it became a natural step to expand the workshop with traditional goldsmithing techniques and modern design methods. We started to place our miniatures in self-made sterling silver or gold settings. Some of them are enriched in crystals, precious stones and other unusual materials, such as carbon, exotic wood species, titanium, sapphire glass, optical fibers... We often make custom pieces responding to the passions and dreams of our customers, but it also happens that our visions changed into a unique jewellery meet specific tastes of our clients. These miniatures can fascinate on many levels, tell whole stories, and pull you into the magical world "under the surface". In each of these cases, we talk about items that are unique in their own way, exclusive, unavailable in any other store, showroom or shopping mall. I suspect that it is not an accident, that you are here, but just like us, you expect something more from jewelry than the market can offer.


Anna & Witold Chudzik TRYB - goldsmith artists creating unique jewelry from watch parts, silver and gold.

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