We are fascinated by the perfection of watch movements. Their precision, finesse of construction and beauty of form are for us an inspiration and a hint, how to create miniature works of art.

Some people say, that we are wizards because we harmoniously combine several professions: watchmaker, because we can make a watch, a goldsmith and a jeweler, because we create sophisticated jewelry and the artist - we carve and sculpt miniature works of art, which became a part of our jewelry. What's more: all these skills - watchmaker's, goldsmith's and artistic, we combine fluently with the gifts of nature. Dried leaves, twigs and seeds appear in our works, so we gently touch this primal sensitivity of the recipient, reactive to the beauty of nature.

Our talents, knowledge, skills and personal predispositions are supported by a solid workshop base. We use not only high-class tools, but excellent materials as well in our atelier – all because we want our works to be beautiful, perfect quality and durable.

We draw on tradition and culture, but not blindly. We redefine concepts and look for our own ways. TRYB grows out of the Steampunk style which comes from the fascination with the nineteenth century, the age of steam and electricity, when the machines were expected to be not only useful, but beautiful as well. This is the source of our admiration for the beauty and precision of mechanical watch movements. We treat Steampunk as a beginning - it was a drop that felt on fertile soil of our minds and allowed many of our unconventional ideas to grow up. It also allowed us to find our own, unique style - between classic and modernity. Traditional, referring to different periods in art, but despite this, very fresh and not overloaded. And also... substantially mechanical and industrial.

In TRYB atelier, everything is done by us. Original ideas, arrangements, preparation of elements, execution of the work from scratch and contacts with our customers. We put a part of ourselves and share positive energy at each of these stages. We are constantly developing, looking for new solutions and raising the bar - both for ourselves and for our dreams and challenges. TRYB confidently looks to the future. We have a rich portfolio, earn respect of many clients and are appreciated in prestigious competitions. And new challenges lie ahead: custom made orders, exhibitions, fairs, competitions. Even though we keep our feet firmly on the ground, we still have the courage to pursue our visionary ideas.

TRYB doesn't exist without you! You are the one who winds this machine and thanks to you, TRYB works like clockwork movement. Thank you for your trust, appreciation, all the good words and for your orders! It really means a lot for us.


Anna & Witold Chudzik TRYB - goldsmith artists creating unique jewelry from watch parts, silver and gold.

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