Cosmos box or space box - silver cufflinks

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Cosmic Box - astronomical cufflinks from silver and watch parts

Hexagonal  sterling silver cufflinks inspired by astronomy and physics.

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A few semesters of Celestial Mechanics plus an extension of the topic in the form of Astrodynamics undoubtedly leaves a lasting world on the psyche and the image of extraterrestrial reality :) Newton's laws on a cosmic scale, the motion of objects in the central gravitational field, the three-body problem. A lot of physics and mathematics in the description of the world: velocities, momentum and accelerations, masses, forces, trajectories and orbits... I deliberately do not use the whole range of other parameters that we used in these calculations so as not to sow confusion, although probably Prof. Ph.D. S. Breiter would have a different opinion here ;)

All this physics, this mathematics shows a very deterministic but complicated picture of space. Another spectacular launch of Space X rockets has recently aroused great emotions. It should be remembered that the very entry into planetary orbit must follow a specific and strictly followed schedule. Let alone a flight to the Moon or another planet - these are missions planned with clockwork precision raised to an astronomical scale. Everything must be carefully calculated, checked many times and finally locked in the small box of a spaceship thrown at great speed into the void of space.

This is how the idea for a space box was born - a closed mechanism of infinite space.

Weight of 925 silver in this pair: 8,37g.

We will pack them for you into a... box :D 

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