THE ONE - original, sterling silver necklace with natural amber

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THE ONE Dollar- original, sterling silver necklace with natural amber

Sterling silver necklace with ecological message.

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This unique necklace with natural Baltic amber captivates not only with its appearance, but also with the story it tells. And this is our story - of people living in the 21st century, but told in retrospect. It's like a letter sent in a bottle... from the future.

Amber is created over millions of years - we used this fact to create a necklace which, in our opinion, could be made in the future, by someone from the new, emerging post-homo-sapiens civilization. Sending our imagination into the future, we chose natural materials: amber, solid silver, topaz, leather, and gave it a shape stylized to an organic form referring to both: the world of flora (association with branches of trees) and fauna (resemblance to octopus tentacles). Nevertheless, we also put emphasis on a delicacy of shape and elegant naturalness of this piece. So despite its size and organic appearance, this necklace is really unusual, optically light and simply beautiful.

This natural amber necklace is a warning! What will remain after us ruthlessly destroying our own environment? The work is also interesting due to the fact that it not only looks to the future, but also refers to the past - the history of the United States - a power that had a huge influence to modern civilization and directions of its development. We did it by showing a fragment of the Great Seal through the prism of amber, which is the stone that often hides mementos from the past. And here is the story told by this unusual amber necklace:

A mankind had one chance to stop ecological disaster in the beginning of XXIst century.

The one chance to save their civilisation.

But people didn't believe it truly was the critical moment and their great oportunity.

They missed the chance to survive, so now they're all gone...


Like a fragile insect captured in resin... one, precarious* dollar locked in amber.

Symbol of power and civilization growth.

And a main cause of ecological collapse of the environment.

Now it is just a little souvenir from past.

So valuable.

So worthless.


Opportune time for action passed away.

Insufficient undertakings (coeptis)** were not approved by Him

and a new order of the ages (Novus ordo seclorum)*** came.


Piece of memory in the last crystal clear teardrop

on the edge of evolution branch which is dried out.

Water remembers.**** Water brings the life.


Main materials: oxidized silver, natural Baltic amber, one dollar banknote, natural Swiss topaz, natural leather thong.

Hand crafted from scratch.

Weight of silver 925: 27,6g

The certified Baltic amber used for this project weighs 15.6 g. It is characterized by unprecedented transparency and a beautiful sunny-yellow color. This is an aesthetically unique specimen! It was examined with a spectrometer at the Amber Museum and obtained a certificate confirming that it is the original Baltic amber - the necklace will be shipped to the buyer with this document. Due to the value of the stone, we decided not to interfere in it. The banknote fragment is actually under the amber, not inside it.

Work done entirely by hand. In one copy. Signed with our registered personal mark and marked in the assay office.

Pendant dimensions: approx 11cm x 7cm x 2cm.

Length (circumference of the necklace) - about 42 cm.


Helpful notes:

* Precarious (doubtful, questionable, uncertain). Value of paper money is only a kind of social contract, since the 1970s the US currency is no longer covered in gold reserves. Currency only has value as long as we believe in it.

** There is the Eye of Providence on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States at the top of the unfinished pyramid and the latin sentence above it "Annuit Coeptis" (which means: [God] approved of [our] undertakings). We have intentionally placed a fragment of the one dollar banknote with the Eye of Providence and the word "coeptis" (undertaking/work/project) in this necklace. We suggest that God will not be pleased to see all the of human actions that destroy His work and our future. Although not intentionally, we commit a spectacularly stupid murder of... on our own descendants.

*** "Novus ordo seclorum" is the second latin sentence visible on the reverse of the Great Seal. It means "a new order of the ages".

**** The end of the story we have written, is quite subversive. The water memory is a pseudoscientific hypothesis and is difficult to defend (like many other theories in the modern world... which are not worth anything, but influencing to our actions and choices). On the other hand... we drink the same water that the dinosaurs drank. It circulates in the ecosystem all the time, but it will not consciously "remember" us - beings that destroyed themselves, e.g. by damaging the water balance in environment. However maybe the same water will provide good conditions for the development of a new life, a new branch of evolution in a few million of years. May these beings be more prudent than we are.

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