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Falling star – a sterling silver pendant with watch parts composition

Falling star pendant hand made from silver and watch parts.

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A small sterling silver pendant with an astronomical falling star motif.

While entering with great energy into the Earth's atmosphere, a piece of cosmic matter burns creating a meteor phenomenon - a brightly shining streak in the sky - usually called a falling star. Falling away meteoroid fragments show a precious crystalline core...

The atmosphere of this jewel fits perfectly to the poem by Cyprian Kamil Norwid:

In Verona


On Capulets' and Montagues' domains,

A thunder-struck sky, refreshed by rains

Looks down with a benign blue eye -


Surveys the ruins of feuding estates,

The shattered remains of their garden gates,

And casts a star from up on high -


The cypresses say on Juliet's head,

And Romeo's, a cosmic tear is shed,

And down into their graves it seeps:


But people say in learned tones

No tears are these, they're only stones,

And no one a vigil there keeps.

(translated by Patrick Corness)


This small oxidized silver pendant is great to wear every day to your casual clothes (it will be suitable for both women and men) or as a men's necklace e.g. on a natural leather thong. Carefully made, spatial composition of watch parts is fixed with a transparent jewelry resin, creating the main decoration of this handmade pendant framed in sterling silver.

Materials: burnished silver, watch parts, zircon, resin.

Diameter 21.5mm

Total lenght 30mm

Sterling silver 925 weight 2.17g

It will be shipped to the buyer packed in a jewelry box.


If you would like buy a thong too, please write to us - we can make it for you in the length you need.

If you would like to buy an oxidized sterling silver chain fitting for this unique pendant, then you can choose it here.


Due to the fact, that we also make jewelry for orders, it is also possible to make for exapmle: a men's bracelet, cufflinks, earrings or brooch in a similar climate. If you are interested in custom made jewelry - please contact us.

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