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LINE OF LIGHT Unique art necklace from sterling silver and watch parts

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When we will enter the path of transhumanism in a (not) distant future,

and we will be able to freely explore and travel the Universe...

Will we be able to touch the essence of time and break the thin line of light?

Will we enter the next level - the divine singularity?


The concept of this outstanding necklace comes from the synthesis of two concepts from quantum physics: the World Line and the Light Cone. The scene inside this piece is divided into three parts:

  • the technical-mechanical part of the classical world and physics

  • the light-time part of something that goes far beyond our reality and available perception.

  • out of time - where time ceases to be coherent and twists up with the space into a string of light.


The Light Cone determines everything, what we are able to observe in the Universe, taking into account impassable limit of the speed of light and our location in "here and now". The World Line, on the other hand, shows how time and space can change as the observer's speed increases up to the speed of light. True magic begins for us at this border*. Not only the clock breaks down there - but the cyborg's hand reaching to it as well - acquiring this knowledge will involve the transformation of what we know about ourselves and who we are. It is a zone, where new space and time are shaped... a new being.

*magic - according to one of the three laws by Arthur C. Clark: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"


That's it about scientific issues and the philosophical question based on them, which became the basis of this modern necklace. Let's focus on the aesthetic layer of the "Line of Light", which is a physical object and an extraordinary piece of artistic jewelry after all. It is worth noting that also in this aspect it is an exceptional work.


The first thing that draws attention is that this unusual necklace ligths. It is not a harsh, neon light, but a delicate glow of optical fibers underlined and supported by additional lines made of luminescent pigment. There are batteries powering the LED diode, which after moving the switch, starts to subtly illuminate the optical fibers. In turn, these blue and green lines are made of photoluminescent pigment - they glow in the dark only with the light absorbed before. Therefore, if this unusual necklace was placed in a dark drawer or jewelry box for some time, its photoluminescent elements will need some exposure time to show its full glory (for example, carrying the necklace in a lit room or using it in daylight).


The second thing is a dynamic scene made of watch parts, taking place inside a pendant of a simple, modern form. A precise, miniature sculpture of a humanoid robot reaching out towards the falling apart porcelain time. A gesture full of human curiosity, but also uncertainty. I cannot remember how many elements of old timepieces were used to create this fascinating, artistic pendant that is the center of a modern necklace.


Miniature sculpture of watch parts


This work has been designed to be fully wearable, solid and comfortable. It is made of materials that are safe for the skin: sterling silver, jewelery resin, optical fiber in an additional cover. Thanks to the appropriate profiling of the pendant, all the pointed corners are far from the body and it is rather difficult to self hurt with it. The carrier made of a reinforced optical fiber with a diameter of 4 mm is exchangeable. I can shorten it on request. There is a small, sterling silver case with a switch mounted inside the pendant. It can be easily pulled out - it is mounted on the side with screws. It contains batteries and a diode that can be easily replaced if necessary. The necklace is put on and taken off quite simply thanks to the tubular labyrinth clasp that goes into the fiber optic socket on the narrow corner of the frame. The light beam also enters the pendant this way.


Artistic jewelry shop online


Thanks to all these actions, an unusual artistic necklace was created, which can be fully serviced and would please the eyes for years. The theme of the composition is timeless. It is a difficult work, but it makes it even more interesting.


Silver 925 weight: 34,7 g

Most important materials used: silver, optical fibers, resin, watch parts (brass and steel), photoluminescent pigments, LED diode, batteries.

Pendant dimensions: 5.3 cm (at the widest point) x 17.5 cm

Size: 55 cm (internal circumference).


Unique necklace made in one copy!


Artistic necklace


It is also worth writing a few words about the genesis of this project:


Marta Norenberg from "Sztuk Kilka - Art Jewelry" wrote to us at the beginning of March 2020, with an invitation to an unusual and bold project called "The Cabinet of Curiosities". The name of this project refers to the 16th and 17th century "cabinets of curiosities", which were spaces in which all the amazing artifacts collected by the first collectors aware of their role were presented. There were collected next to each other: works of art, antiques, curiosities from the world of nature - fauna and flora, and various "magical" and fanciful artifacts. These were the renaissance-baroque seeds of the first museums and galleries showing the achievements of fledgling modern science and art.


Marta's idea was to encourage a selected group of goldsmiths - artists, who create their own original jewelery of precious metals to create works that would be their personal "curiosities"/peculiarities. There was no imposed theme or form restriction as the main idea was to free the imagination...

Marta drew attention to the problem of most artists: “... In our daily rush we do not always find time or motivation to implement unusual ideas. We put away demanding projects into a drawer, condemning them to be not implemented ever. Sometimes we think economically that these items could not be sold, other times we calculate the time we spend on them. At the same time, we forget how such a release of the imagination transformed into a real object can change our creativity and sometimes life... "


Our project - "Line of Light" - work for the "The Cabinet of Curiosities" turned out to be demanding and we set the bar very high indeed. This work was supposed to be extremely original (even comparing to our projects) in terms of its: message, form and materials. We tested some new techniques and shapes while creating. Some elements had to be changed and refined several times, others were kept as in the original intention. And we made it. The result is a unique artistic necklace "Line of Light" inspired by the books of Peter Watts and Jacek Dukaj, embedded in a hard SF.

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