Men's necklace Thor's hammer Mjolnir

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Men's necklace Thor's hammer Mjolnir

Unique Thor's hammer necklace for him.

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Mjølner means "the one which crushes" - in Norse mythology, Thor's hammer was a magical weapon and one of the three attributes of the god of storm and thunders. According to Snorri Sturluson, it was forged by dwarfs named Sindri and Brokk. This symbol of a courage, strength and invention which you see here, was made by me, although I am not a dwarf, but I also work by hand, using traditional goldsmithing techniques, but without the use of magic (maybe just a little bit)

The sterling silver setting of this raw pendant received a hammered texture, which was darkened with an oxidation and polished in places. I also prepared in a similar way a suitable sterling silver hook to clasp a braided, natural leather thong. The hook is a well planed clasp and holds the thong firmly, because both parts must be positioned at 90 degrees to each other to unfasten it, which prevents accidental loss of this piece.

I placed a mosaic of watch parts arranged in motifs associated with Scandinavian culture, but transformed into a modern, industrial style ornaments inside, under the surface of crystalline jewelery resin.

Okay - you will say - but where is this little bit of magic?

The magic is in sounds: originally, instead of this description, I only planned to include links to the music that inspired me to make this unique man's necklace. This music was a kind of seed - inspiration because it is full of elusive, primal content. So listen... and feel it:

Trevor Morris, Einar Selvik „Vikings suite”

Sólstafir „Djákninn”

Just imagine a modern Thor - No! Not the one from Marvel - much more severe and mythological, appearing in this world to kill the great Jormungand in this version:

Daniel Pemberton „The Devil and The Huntsman”

And suddenly... bang... you hold in your hand an amulet full of unrestrained power, steadfastness and strength like a strike of a lightning.

The inner circumference of the necklace with Thor's Hammer is 47 cm (I can shorten the strap on request).

Pendant dimensions: 2.9 cm x 4 cm

Silver 925 weight: 7.6g.

Materials used: sterling silver, resin, natural leather, metal watch parts.

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