A cosmic, sterling silver necklace with hematite

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Blue singularity - a cosmic, sterling silver necklace with hematite

Original art necklace inspired by stars and astronomy

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When a very massive star (20-150 times heavier than the Sun) dies in a so-called supernova explosion, its rapidly thickening core can collapse into a black hole - an object which gravitational force is so strong, that even the light cannot tear out of it. This space-time singularity is surrounded by the sphere of the "event horizon" - the area of ​​no return - absorbing absolutely everything, that is within its attraction radius. Sometimes, a black hole forms in a binary star system. Then the fate of the twin celestial body is sealed.

This situation is the theme of this handmade silver necklace. The singularity hidden under the horizon of blue hematite destabilizes the neighboring, mechanical star by absorbing fragments of its matter and - metaphorically speaking - bleeding it out. Hence I used intentionally this stone, which name comes from the Greek language - "haema" means "blood" in it, and "haimatites" - "bloody" (because after pulverization it becomes red and contains as much as 70% pure iron). Additionally, its impenetrable, mirror surface perfectly corresponds to the border of black hole observation.

It is supposed that these objects not only bend but also perforate space-time - that is why my singularity "penetrates" the surface of the cosmic pendant, coming out on its reverse.

The blue composition of this feminine necklace is complemented by kyanite crystals, which are a carrier of this unusual piece, replacing the traditional chain and adding elegance and style to this star inspired necklace. Kyanit is one of the two gemstones that neither accumulate nor retain negative energy. So, however destructive the black hole seems, it is possible that it is also a gateway to other regions of the Universe (maybe parallel worlds or other dimensions?). Isn't it addicting?

Works from the Astron artistic jewelry collection are unique objects - each of them is different, made by hand as a single item. They are connected by colors and the fact, that they tell about relationships between celestial bodies.

Necklace length: 40cm

Pendant dimensions: 6.2 x 3 cm

Silver weight 925: 7.8 g.

Weight of the entire necklace: 28g

Important materials: silver, metal watch parts, kyanites, hematite, resin.

The clasp in the form of two open eights is extremely solid - to open it or fasten it, you need to place both parts by the angle of 90 degrees to each other, which makes accidentally lose this unique necklace impossile.

Of course, this artistic piece will be packed in an elegant box for you.

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