Steampunk cat pendant

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Clockwork cat pendant

A unique, hand-made pendant with a steampunk cat made of elements of old watch movements.

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The theme of this hand made pendant is typical Felis domesticus with its beautiful, shiny fur and (barely noticeable ;) fold of fat on the belly, which is just a sign of a prosperity ;). I do not hide that the inspiration for this artistic pendant was our beloved Teo - a wonderful, friendly, smart and communicative pet, who is also an active, strong and efficient predator. If any insect, fly or mosquito gets in his territory... he will show to it, who is the boss! And we are watching all the incredible acrobatic jumps of our fluffy friend, who is running around the apartment with the grace of the ballet master. However, this pendant with a cat is not a portrait of our pet. It was created out of pure love between us and our purring friend, who stares at us with his huge eyes and we also needed to express admiration for absolutely every beloved, domestic cat, which - as is commonly known, is man's best friend*

Our purring pets are highly complicated creatures: very intelligent, capable of great love and affection, although - I have been repeating this for years - one has to earn feline love and trust. They are also unusual because these strong and agile predators can so easily turn into disarmingly cute frequenters of couches cuddled in the knees and bellies of their owners and trustly allow to stroke and hug themselves.

What else can be told? Maybe at least a few words about this unusual pendant itself? Its diameter is 51 mm and the total length with the bail is 85 mm. The motif is made of watch parts (pet silhouette, plants and insect) and a bark (background). I have dyed the background and plants. The entire stage is embedded in crystal clear resin, which ensures the safety of this delicate composition. The setting, on the other hand, is made of an antique pocket watch case made of 0,800** silver. It has been refreshed, but let's say - not intrusive. That is why it is still visible that it is a historical object "with a soul". We have made a large eyelet and a decorative bail of silver in our workshop.

This silver pendant with a mechanical cat is an individual, unique object, made in just one copy. It will not be reproduced.

Original artistic jewelry deserves to elegant packaging. That's why this piece will be carefully packed in an elegant box before shipping - suitable for a gift.

* rumors say that the dog is man's best friend, but we believe that it is like we wrote ;) although... in general, it should be assumed that it depends on person: well, our best friend is a cat, but there are also people who extremely love their dogs ;)

** old silver pocket watch cases were most often made of silver 0,800

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