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Beehive - feminine, asymmetrical sterling silver necklace

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This original necklace was created out of the need of my heart and carries ecological, feminist and sensual-feminine message:


The bee and honeycomb motif is to draw attention to the progressive devastation of our environment, which results with the slow extinction of these useful insects. Without their work, many species, including humans, may not survive. I am a woman and a mother. This is not the future, that I want for my children. Perhaps if people organized themselves and started to work for our own "beehive", that is our planet, we would have better prospects for the future.


The inspiration for this original necklace was the female organization of a beehive. It occurred to me that if there were more women in governments and boards... even if that was only 50%... the world would be completely different. Perhaps we wouldn't have to go out on the streets and fight for our rights. Struggling with patriarchal society makes us waste our time and energy ant it is frustrating. My vision of feminism is a vision of cooperation between women and men based on honesty and a partnership understanding of needs. For me it is natural that my husband and I cooperate like the gears of a watch complementing each other with our skills.


It is also a very feminine artistic jewellery piece due to its sophisticated, a little bit coquettish form. It is supposed to emphasize the beauty and draw the eye. Sensuality is strongly related to femininity and I find a dash of classy sex appeal fascinating. This necklace is completely handmade of 925 sterling silver, it was made without any planning, I just intuitively allowed myself to be guided by my own imagination and materials. My works combine various contradictions: geometric shapes, with a smooth waves of fanciful lines; mechanical and nature themes, creating completely new, biomechanical, yet consistent and visually light objects. And so this asmetric necklace is.



- silver 925

- amber (inside the hexagons and the drop on the left side)

- garnet (a drop under the main decoration on the right),

- motif made of metal watch parts in hexagonal resin cabochons.

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