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Tree of life necklace of watch gears

Hand made tree pendant.


The tree is a contact with nature, with the Universe. Participation in a World. And even though one man is a small cog in the machinery of the Universe, this what he does has a real meaning. It just matters. Some single person - single leaf might be more important than the whole tree. It doesn't have to be anyone famous. It has to be someone special for you. The most important...

This hand made pendant is also inspired with the archetype of  the Tree Of Life. The tree is in a round medallion and the circle symbolizes the continuum of time. Just like a wedding ring symbolizes eternity, cyclicity, closed circle of life. That's why the Tree of Life is in the circle. Life fits in the cycle: from birth, through fresh youth, robust ripeness with fruits, to senility and death. It's natural and although evoking extreme emotions, it is beautiful and dignified, because realizing this continuation makes us feel a part of the history, interdependent on our ancestors, but also creating our time and reality.

Each of us is a leaf

Each of us is a part of a Tree

Our time is now

The Tree pendant was made in our atelier from scratch. Setting of this hand made medallion is adapted of an antique pocket watch-case. The tree is made from wire and over 200 watch gears. Signed with our "T" logo. Pendant is finished with water clear resin. Satin black ribbon I add for free, because it looks great together creating the original tree necklace. The ribbon is about 1m long, you can tie it anywhere adjusting the length of the carrier.

Diameter of a medallion: ca 5cm.

This is one of my favorite themes. I like come back to it, which does not change the fact, that each of my trees is different, because each was made by hand, as an individual item different from the others. Therefore, as in nature - there are no two identical copies.

If you would like to order your own tree pendant, we can make it especially for you. Please write to us :)

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