THE ONE Dollar- original, sterling silver necklace with natural amber

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THE ONE Dollar- original, sterling silver necklace with natural amber

Sterling silver necklace with ecological message.


A mankind had one chance to stop ecological disaster in the beginning of XXIst century.

The one chance to save their civilisation.

But people didn't believe it truly was the critical moment and their great oportunity.

They missed the chance to survive, so now they're all gone...


Like a fragile insect captured in resin... one, precarious dollar locked in amber.

Symbol of power and civilization growth.

And a main cause of ecological collapse of the environment.

Now it is just a little souvenir from past.

So valuable.

So worthless.


Opportune time for action passed away.

Insufficient undertakings (coeptis) were not approved by Him

and a new order of the ages (Novus ordo seclorum) came.


Piece of memory in the last crystal clear teardrop

on the edge of evolution branch which is dried out.

Water remembers. Water brings the life.


Main materials: sterling silver, natural baltic amber, one dollar banknote, topaz, raffia.

Hand crafted from scratch.

Weight of silver 925: 25,6g

Weight of amber: 15,6g (amber had been examined with a spectrometer and it's authenticity is confirmed with a certificate from Cracow Amber Museum).

Necklace is unavailable at this moment, because it had been sent to an exhibition of jewellery with a message "In my opinion".

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