Custom made keychain with mountains

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Custom made keychain with mountains

A unique keychain made to order for demanding customers.


This is a custom made, sterling silver, crude and hard as a rock, unique keychain with a miniature of a special place in the Tatra Mountains, which is important for the person whi received this piece as a gift - I talk about the famous ladder on the Goat Pass (Orla Perć). This steel structure is about 8 meters long in reality, but it is only 8 mm long in our micro version and it was made of a piece of a watch hand. The slope of the mountain was also supposed to be made of watch parts, but it would loose all its rocky character and contrast with the ladder, so the view would be unreadable due to the micro scale. Because the outer diameter of the decorative part is about 35mm.

It is an quite armored structure - a solid silver setting protects the delicate interior and corners of this piece. The chain with soldered links has been additionally hammered for its greater hardness. A solid, screwed carabiner will securely lock a bunch of keys together. And the keys are real opponents for resin, so I came up with a composite structure with a real sapphire glass (9 on the Mohs scale - 10 is for diamond). The resin protects and stabilizes the miniature mountain diorama, while the extremely hard-to-scratch sapphire glass separates the resin surface from the keys. It is our own design solution that we successfully use in original key rings for demanding customers. I also left the possibility of a full service in case of some total disaster, although it is unlikely. But since this artistic keychain started its great travel in the hands and pockets of a man who climbs along high mountain trails, let it be as resistant as possible.

What do the customers say? It will be best if I quote:

"Yeeeeess ......! We've got it!

Good morning.

We are so charmed. It is a very sunny weather today - it is good for observations, one can see how wonderfully three-dimensional the interior is and how perfectly it shimmers with colors. Weight, size, how well it fits in the hand - really, it's hard for me to find words to describe how delighted we are. And touched. And thankful. Therefore, simply with all our hearts we would like to THANK YOU - you make dreams come true.

The gift really wowed our tough guy. There was no end to watching (close up, far away, against the light, with a magnifying glass). He even dared to clasp the keys to it... And as we hear, nothing wrong is happening. He thought to make some special stand for this art piece but fortunately he was convinced that it is a solid job... "

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