Luxury men's bracelet of white gold

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Luxury, white gold men's bracelet with alligator leather and watch parts sculpture.


Sometimes we receive unusual orders for custom made men's jewelry - this is a bracelet made on individual customer's request. The starting point and inspiration were two themes: his favorite model of the watch and the true passion for cars... W talked a lot and client's requirements evolved and the complexity of an order increased with them. And so from the original idea, in which the bracelet setting was to be made of sterling silver and the strap of high-quality grain leather, finally emerged the vision of a men's white gold and sapphire bracelet with alligator leather strap (plus one extra strap so that he could change them depending on his outfit and mood) and with an original clasp with initials. Finally this jewel is so much custom made that it couldn't be more personalized.

The inspiration for the design of the pendant setting and the clasp of this men's bracelet was the style of a truly underwater watch, which Captain Nemo himself would not be ashamed of. These elements were made of white gold 585 (14K), which was additionally rhodium plated. The mass of the precious metal in this piece was nearly 25 grams (!), so this is a jewellery piece that consumed not only a large amount of time, thinking, commitment and work, but high-quality, noble materials as well. We have made a three-dimensional composition inside of it: watch hands and hour markers float above the hand-grinded and flame-dyed surface of the watch face, as well as iridescent blue stripes that aerodynamically flow around a miniature model of a classic sports car from the 1950s. The vehicle is not a coincidence - it is basically one of the icons of the automotive industry and the opening door of this coupe has gone down in history, giving this model its nickname: gullwing - seagull wings. Of course this model is also made of parts of old timepieces movements. In this way, the miniature motif made of watch parts has become fully three-dimensional, despite the small space available inside the setting. The reverse also shows the spatial composition of watch parts, which gradually turns into an almost two-dimensional background - some elements had to be ground down to a thickness of only 0.1 mm to accommodate both motifs. The common and partial transparency of the obverse and reverse of the composition is an additional attraction - both sides of a composition intertwine.

Delicate watch parts caomposition is fixed with a jewelery resin. Additional securing them with hand-cut and polished sapphire glasses was another level of difficulty.

Another attraction and completion of the composition was the addition of a blue gemstone in the the setting at the customer's request. The choice fell on a brilliant cut sapphire with a diameter of 3.5 mm (0.51 ct), which beautifully complemented the color palette of the main motif with its brilliance.

The aforementioned clasp is also an innovative design - it is closed like a ship's porthole and decorated with our logo. The openwork initials of the client found their place on the wrist side.

Finally, two stripes - prepared especially for this project by Jakub Szymaniak - one consistent in color - sapphire-blue, the other - classic black. Made of alligator leather - an exclusive material that dominates among high-class watch straps. They are especially appreciated for great tonal transitions, shine, smoothness and high durability.

As an accessory, I also made a tool for easy replace the strap: the handcrafted titanium tips of the device were mounted in a handle made of exotic Sapeli wood.

Sapeli and Merbau wood were also used to make a tasteful wooden box finished to a velvety gloss with high-quality natural wax, which housed the entire set.

It went to Norway.

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