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Custom made bullet pendant


Some orders fall into our goldsmithery atelier like stray bullets.

It was exactly the case here. I was considering making pistol bullets cufflinks one Sunday night - such a male gadget for guys, who like to shoot. I already finished thinking of assumptions - I knew it was going to be something really good quality, carefully done and showed in profile, not just the shapes of rims with primers, which are sold nearly everywhere.

The very next morning, I found in my mailbox a request for a custom pendant in exactly this form, which I've created in my mind the day before, with three bullet fragments inside, which were removed from the area of ​​an eye of my customer, who had been shot with it. When we add the fact that I was the first to reply to him that we will undertake this order out of nearly thirty goldsmiths to which this man wrote with this topic - it is hard to believe that it could have been a pure coincidence.

This custom made bullet pendant was designed on the basis of the dimensions of the original 9mm parabellum pistol cartridge and made of 925 silver in a 1:1 scale. A truly anatomical cross-section of the ammunition includes the fragments sent to us by customer in the part of the projectile. Some mechanisms symbolizing everything that influenced its flight were placed in the gunpowder part. Because the ballistic curve itself is not all - there are a number of circumstances that lead to the missile reaching its target. Sometimes these are trivial, sometimes very dramatic.

There is the signature of the manufacturer: * TRYB * on the back of the case, above the primer,

In the end, this jewel turned out to be a really good piece of truly masculine artistic jewelry. Carrying a huge load of personal experiences, it has almost become a talisman for its owner. This custom made pendant is a remarkable, very personalized, precisely and tastefully made piece in our collection of unique individual orders, in which we specialize.

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