Jake Sully portrait of watch parts

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Jake Sully handmade art keyring

A unique keyring with the likeness of Jake Sully for the 'Avatar' fan


One of the more advanced TRYB works. An ambitious and not easy realisation, but one that makes us particularly proud. Everything about this pendant is well thought out and refined, which you can already see at first glance. 

First of all, Jake's portrait is handmade from watch parts. Even his hair is made from parts of old timepieces (watch-hands). I make no secret of the fact that sculpting humans and humanoids is particularly demanding, so this was not an easy subject. Nevertheless - who but me? Sculptural realisations from watch parts are my specialty. I would like to add that this likeness is a unique one and I made it in a single copy.

Secondly, the unusual, asymmetrical setting designed strictly for this relief. Its shape is a result of several factors: the geometric, vertical form provided the best frame for Jake's portrait in this shape. In addition, it is a lump that fits well in the hand and the keyring was intended as a gift for a man, so the angular shapes were most appropriate. Furthermore, such a "technical" in form fits in with the style of the military and laboratory equipment that people transported to Pandora. Even the chain and a ring for connecting the keys is unusual and thoughtful in this key ring. I am convinced our duo built a coherent whole in the atmosphere of the movie. Moreover, the back of the setting is decorated with an image of Toruk - the last shadow. The material used for the casing of this unique keyring is sterling silver.

Thirdly, the design is highlighted by the luminous element at the bottom of the frame in an angular, technical style and the irregular branches of the Tree of Souls that flow downwards and form the background for Jake's likeness. These were made using a photoluminescent pigment, i.e. one that glows with pre-absorbed light.

The interior of the setting, including the relief depicting Toruk Macto, has been filled with resin and then protected with sapphire glass. Although it is expensive, it is extraordinary hard and durable (9/10 on the Mohs scale) and therefore survives direct contact with the keys (even repeatedly). We protect all our containing resin keyrings with glass - preferably sapphire due to its physical properties.

The work is unique, made in a single copy.

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