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Morris - golden retriever pendant of watch parts


This pendant could say a lot about the friendship between a human and a "humano-dog", because that's how Morris was treated - as a member of the family. Loved with all heart - simply a friend. I must admit that we are also familiar with such an attitude towards animals, because we experience the bond that can connect a quadruped with a biped. That is why we were able to understand and respect the emotions of the client after the loss of a friend.

Who was Morris? He was the Golden Retriever. Our client's best friend. A creature that not only felt emotions (obvious, right?) but was also able to clearly and expressively show them. Morris had his own opinion on many things. He had his own style, character and was just Morris in every situation.

What is the history of this pendant? It started with an e-mail from a client who wanted us to make a pendant with a portrait of his beloved dog from watch parts and place memory diamonds (laboratory-made diamonds from cremation ashes) in this portrait. However, the original idea was a bit changed. Diamonds that were cut in a circle would not be suitable for the eyes because they are round (which was the concept). Thus, facial expression of the animal would be distorted. The eyes are a very important element of each portrait, so in order to achieve good results, we had to advise the client on a different solution. Moreover... the faceted cut of memory diamonds would become invisible under the resin. And it so happens that every work made of watch elements requires this resin as a protection and fixation of the motiv. 

Moreover, stuning portraits of dogs from clock parts require some space. Typically, such works from our atelier have a diameter of 45-55mm. And that's a bit much as a men's pendant.

Therefore, we finally decided to quit memory diamonds, which cost quite much and would not add anything into a sculpture that requires resin protection. And we finally made two pendants. A smaller one, typically to be worn everyday on a leather thong. And the second one - quite large with a portrait of beloved Golden Retriever - a commemorative one.

The smaller one - utilitarian as a everyday men's jewelry looks like this:

Dog's paw pendant

There is a dog's paw on it based on a photo of Morris's paw print and  the ashes of our client's four-legged friend are in the background. We framed it in sterling silver and equipped it with a comfortable leather thong with a clasp - so it is perfect for everyday wear.

In turn this larger, commemorative pendant with a portrait began to be created from... a portrait. The most important element of my work is always created at the very beginning, because thanks to this, I don't have to limit myself trying to fit into a frame. I simply create so that there is a wow effect in the end! This is how the image of Morris looked like in its raw, unframed and unsecured with resin version:

a dog, golden retriever portrait of watch parts

Then we chose an old pocketwatch case for the setting of the pendant and finished it according to the customer's taste (dark oxidation plus some polished brass elements). This is how this unique keepsake of the beloved friend was created:

Golden retriever of watch parts pendant

The work is unique, created as a single copy. I hope that thanks to it, this animal will remain forever in our client's memory and will remind him of himself and awaken many good and happy memories every day.

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