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Sterling silver meteorite pendant

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Meteorite pendant

A unique pendant with an extremely rare stone - a meteorite. Custom made order.


Generally, we make "gemstones" for our jewellery by ourselves as compositions of watch movements parts which are the essence of our creations. Then we place them either in pocket watch cases (or in elements of smaller wristwatch cases) or we create our own, original sterling silver settings.

This time, an unusual order came to us from the director of the Poznań Astronomical Observatory. It consisted in designing and crafting a setting for a slice of otherworldly "stone". This is how this spectacular meteorite pendant was created.

A rectangular plate of a spectacular stony-iron meteorite from the pallsite family, measuring 19.6 x 37.2 mm and only 2 mm thick, was provided to us by its owner. Its geometric shape and size basically asked for a specific style. That's why we put it into a silver Art-deco frame.

A very heterogeneous, hard and therefore brittle extraterrestrial material had to be additionally secured with "back" for its own safety. However, in order not to cover the crystalline, silicate inclusions, we gave the rear stabilizing plate a bionic, irregular shapes. We thus emphasized the strangeness of the central part of the necklace.

You need to realize one thing: meteorites are the oldest rocks on earth. All native rock formations have already been processed by Earth's various geological processes and meteorites are almost as old and primitive as the Solar System itself. So they may be up to 4.5 billion years old. They contain elements and structures that were formed in sterile space and then withstood the turbulent and fiery entry into the atmosphere of our planet and have survived to this day. These are ashes from stars that died before the Sun was formed. That's what makes this meteorite pendant so special. It's hard to find a rarer material on earth.

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