Astronomical sterling silver ring Meteoros Alpha

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Astronomical sterling silver ring Meteoros Alpha

Astronomically phenomenal sterling silver ring Meteoros Alpha.

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Sterling silver ring from the Astron space collection inspired by the meteor phenomenon.

The name 'meteor' comes from the Greek word 'meteoros', which means 'high in the sky'. It is the glowing trail that the meteoroid* which has fallen into the earth’s atmosphere, leaves in the sky. Such a crumb moving in the Solar System reaches a speed in the range of 11-76 km per second. While entering the earth's atmosphere, it warms up to several thousand degrees and the particles of ionized air around him start to glow intensely creating a characteristic, bright streak.

The shape of the ring's ring refers to the shock wave's arising before the speeding and hot shard of a matter. There is an intricate composition of watch elements inside the resin cabochon which shows my artistic interpretation of a pressure-torn mechanical shell reveals a crystalline core.

size (PL): 16 

silver mass: 4.9g

It will be shipped to the buyer packed in a jewelry box.


*small rock or ice object with sizes from 0.1mm to 10m

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